Snowy skies & sky-scrapers; the Boston snow-bomb! / by Lawrence Eagling

Boston in January was always going to be a cold time of year, but with typical panache I happened to pick a particularly frosty period, during the January ‘snow bomb’! The temperature plummeted to -25°C which meant that spending over 20 minutes outside risked frostbite… but for those brief snippets of time between markets, museums and coffee shops, the city provided the most stunning scenes for photography.

The Charles River had completely frozen over, and walking along the snowy banks and over the icy bridges became a favourite haunt of mine, even returning to the same spot to capture the daily reflections on the ice, the bright city lights at night and the transformation after a blizzard into flowing snow drifts over the water. For a bird’s eye view, I went up the Boston Skywalk Observatory (a truly fantastic sight and definitely worth a visit!) where the sunset illuminated the entire city before the streetlights lit up as darkness fell. On the warmest day of the trip (a relative term, being -10°C without wind chill!), I visited the Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Centre, a fantastic urban wildlife sanctuary. Amongst the silent snow, I felt very lucky to spot a variety of birds I had never seen before, including American robins, northern cardinals, mourning doves and a blue jay, which provided flashes of vibrant colour against the white backdrop.

My experience of Boston was wonderful; a beautiful city with amazing wildlife and cityscapes for photography and I hope to visit again (maybe when a little warmer) to explore further and hopefully time my trip with the amazing whale migrations that pass by the city!

I hope you enjoy the photographs below and as always I really appreciate any comments or thoughts so please get in touch by email at, Instagram @lawrence_eagling or twitter @LawrenceEagling.