Travel, testing and trumpets: The Berlin Diaries / by Lawrence Eagling

The Fujifilm XT-1 is a fantastic camera; light weight with a large, clear and responsive electronic viewfinder (which I have to admit I was initially sceptical about). This little camera also boasts a superb line up of high quality yet light lenses, resulting in a great travel camera, so the day after I invested in my new set up, I flew to Berlin with the XF 23 mm and 56 mm lenses for a four-day city trip.  Without having had much time to read the menus or experiment beforehand this presented something of a leap of faith with a whole new camera system, but the experience was wonderful and I was left feeling animated with a new passion for photography!

One of my favourite locations for photography during my visit to Berlin was the Holocaust Memorial. The site was hauntingly poignant, and I returned every day to watch the light shifting over the uneven ground and changing heights of the stelae (concrete pillars) casting long shadows, which provoked the feeling of being lost within a concrete jungle, all senses overwhelmed. A truly remarkable piece of art.

Visiting and photographing the Berliner Mauer is high on most recommended traveller’s lists in Berlin; however, I wanted to include more than just the well-documented, brightly coloured graffiti sections of the wall found in the East Side Gallery. I preferred to capture sections from the Berlin Wall Memorial and from the Topography of Terror. It was here that I found a crooked hole punched through the concrete divide and waited for a cyclist to come into view, framed by the wall itself resulting in one of my favourite pictures from the trip.

My penultimate day was spent walking around the grounds of the Charlottenburg Palace, the largest palace in Berlin and a brilliant place to slowly wander around and take photos. This is where I took some of my most memorable pictures from the trip from a group of dogs being walked, a lone heron on a branch and a goose ‘walking home’.

Below is a selection of the other photos I took on my Berlin trip, so please have a look and feel free to leave any comments as I would love some feedback! All of the photos included were taken with the XT-1 and the majority with the 23 mm lens, some slight edits carried out using Adobe Lightroom.