Timelapse: A study of Sea and Sky / by Lawrence Eagling

Today’s blog post is a little different as I will be using timelapse photography to create a short film!

The video below is made up from 450 photos taken from three locations along the Ligurian coast focusing on the dynamic coastal landscape with sweeping clouds, rolling waves and even some ducks racing around the shore.

If you are new to timelapse photography, when creating these videos your most important accessory is a sturdy tripod as you really need the camera to be held perfectly still between each shot. Most cameras now have a intervalometer feature built-in (which allows you take a series of photos automatically), with options to set the amount of time between each photo and how many photos should be taken. When calculating the latter it is important to remember that you need 25 photos per second of video (to match European video standard), so 10 seconds of timelapse video requires 250 photos! When creating the video, this means that each photo will be displayed for 0.04 seconds. The other decision regarding how frequently the camera takes photos depends on the subject; as a rough guide try one photo every three seconds for fast moving clouds, five to ten seconds for slow clouds and every one or two seconds for people walking. Lastly set the exposure (Aperture, Speed and ISO) and focusing to manual otherwise this may change during the timelapse. It is best if possible to have a slightly slower shutter speed as this helps to smooth the video out as the photos change.

I hope you enjoy my first timelapse post, (comments always welcome) and hopefully more to come! As always please get in touch via one of the following methods; email at lawrence@eaglingphotography.co.uk, Instagram @lawrence_eagling or twitter @LawrenceEagling.