Birds, Boats and the Broads: The Norfolk Test for New Equipment! / by Lawrence Eagling

Since buying into the Fujifilm X-series, I have only been on one dedicated equipment testing trip in Berlin. Since then brief day trips out have helped me practice and improve my technique. This past week I have been travelling around Norfolk, a beautiful county which provides ample opportunity for photographing diverse wildlife, open landscapes and stunning architecture. Prior to this trip, I invested in the Fuji 50-140 mm with the 1.4 teleconverter kit and the Samyang 12 mm lens to complete the set of lenses I need, and with perfect opportunity to test them all!

I am pleased to say that the two new lenses didn’t disappoint, with exemplary image stabilisation performance on the 50-140 mm and once I became used to the manual-only focus of the Samyang lens, it performs beautifully. The highlight of the trip has to be photographing at Hickling Broad around dusk; I seemed to be the only human in the reserve which made it easy to locate and take shots of the local wildlife without disturbances. Pheasants, ponies and deer all wandered past me, surrounded by the golden light of the setting sun; perfect conditions! Hiring a boat for a day on the Broads also enabled a new, slower viewpoint on the world, providing eye-level access to birds and watery landscapes.

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