A New Year – An Adventure With Fujifilm / by Lawrence Eagling

Hello 2016! Over the past 25 years my New Year’s resolutions have come and gone, but I have decided it is now time for change! My name is Lawrence, and I am an aspiring photographer, so this year my goal is to gain a fresh new look at my photography, starting with the launch of this weekly blog.

Before I begin, I had better introduce myself properly! I am a marine biologist from the U.K. and I just completed my PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. This was the culmination of 21 years of education, and after such a long spell dabbling in academia, I felt the need for something creative, new and exciting! I have been passionate about photography for many years, primarily a Nikon man, working my way from the D40 through the range up to the D700.

Over the last 6 years I have been fortunate enough to be chosen to cover a couple of weddings (friends and colleagues), which made me appreciate the sometimes stressful, yet hugely rewarding job of the wedding photographer! I have always enjoyed travel photography, but more recently with opportunities to travel far and wide, I found myself making excuses to leave my heavy SLR behind… and of course you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! I invested in a Sony RX100 as a great option for a compact camera that can be slipped in a pocket or rucksack, which has become a faithful companion on many mountain hikes. Late last year, I started researching further camera options, looking for something more travel friendly than my D700 but with more ability than the RX100 and I came across some amazing reviews for the new FujiX series. With a friend’s wedding coming up, I took the opportunity to trial the lightweight X100T model and was amazed at how much this change helped me to re-engage with the process of taking pictures once again. In particular, I loved the viewfinder and although the fixed lens was very good indeed, I missed the ability to change focal length. I rented the FujiXT1 with 23mm and 56mm lenses over a weekend shortly after and fell for it, so after completing my PhD, I bought the set and hopped on a plane to Berlin for a test shoot, (more to come on this trip later)!

So back to my new resolutions, how am I going to maintain this energy and momentum for photography this year? Well to start with I am launching this blog, which I will post in every week. I really feel inspired by the Fujilove blog (especially this article:http://fujilove.com/make-2016-your-photography-year/ ), and so I intend to take part in the bi-weekly assignments and also set myself a new mini project each month of a subject that I find fascinating, take pictures of, and then blog about it. I also mean to actually enter competitions this year, rather than just read about them, and perhaps most importantly I am going to print the photos that I like. Recently I realised how disengaged we have become with photos since the digital era. It is so easy to take hundreds of photos, and simply store them on a hard drive never to be seen again! I currently have >250 GB of photos lounging about in cyberspace and it seems such a waste.

My mum only uses film cameras and whenever she takes pictures of holidays or family gatherings we all laugh and joke about how long it will take to get the photos processed, this may well be a couple of weeks but everyone will still see them sooner than the hundreds of photos that I would take over the holiday.  The excitement builds over those few weeks and to collect the holiday snaps and pour over them fresh from the packet is an experience in itself that I want to keep. So one central aim for this year is to print physical copies of my favourite photos, and hopefully this will mean a weekly trip to the printers!

I will leave this first blog post now with a couple of photos (let me know if you have any comments), and I will also steadily populate the gallery on here with pictures old and new. Lastly please feel free to follow me on Instagram@lawrence_eagling  where I try to post photos at least a couple of times a week…

Thanks for stopping by, and if you fancy a chat about photography etc. please get in touch through the comments section below.